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Tina Landeen

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About Me

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The words of a therapist I worked with when I was younger often come back to me. He said:

“Once you walk this path of healing for yourself,

you’ll be able to reach back

and guide others on the path.”

That version of me felt like that was asking a lot. I was stuck, blowing up relationships that I put everything into, forcing outcomes only to have them crumble around me. I was lost in the jungles of my own perceptions and I was grieving the path that I thought I needed to feel fulfilled. I was scared, very, very stubborn, and out of ideas. I decided to trust, to allow the process to unfold and it turns out, that man was right.

Self-discovery is a lifelong process but repeating dysfunctional patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors doesn’t have to be. Therapy gives you the self-knowledge that you can use to make authentic decisions for yourself that are in alignment with who you really are and what you want out of life.

My work is to hold up a mirror, to show you things from different perspectives. Your work is to be open, patient, and loving with yourself through the process. It’s a brave thing to look at yourself honestly and change old patterns.

I really enjoy being a guide in your therapy process.

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